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Tanning lotions and misleading – What’s the truth what’s the hype

Do you know – the tanning industry has grown in big business? You might have seen various articles, blogs, news, ads and advertisements about different tanning products. You might be a daily subscriber of tanning products and surely receive daily mails and news via emails. It depicts that tanning industry spends 100s 0f dollars to keep you aware about their marketing, progress and advancements in their industries. Have you ever thought how these tanning products become essentials in our lives? Why tanning products become so much special and how they get value in markets? These are some question everyone should know. To avoid exposure of direct sunrays to skin, people started using sunless tanning products to have a darker skin tone. Usually these tanners are composed of DHA, some simple dyes and bronzers. These products also consist of tan accelerators like coconut oil and other moisturizing oils.

Why people use tanning products:

Tanning products are mostly used to have better tone of skin, especially used by those individuals having pale color tone. These artificial dyes give you a good and attractive skin complexion. Women usually use tanning products as a base before make-up. Tan base is considered more attractive and eye- catching as compared to light base. Moisturizer cream


Tanning products are available as different types of lotions, creams, gels, sprays and pills etc.

  1. Tanning lotions are available in two forms. The indoor and outdoor one. Indoor lotions have no SPF or little amount of SPF and increase the exposure of sunlight to your skin. It means they are used to have quick and temporary tanning effect. On the other hand, outdoor tanning lotions contain SPF , block UV and has a protective effect
  2. Bronzers are cosmetics which are usually employed before make-up and have temporary effects on your skin.
  3. Tanning pills are also available in market but is should always be kept in mind that these pills will not only change color tone of your skin but the internal body organs too. These pills are a great cause of hepatitis and liver cancer.


Tanning products are not well supported by doctors and pharmacists. Some dermatologists are so much against that they have proposed FDA to ban such products. FDA has stated in their reports that any legal organization can never allow people to use those products that can have extremely hazardous effects not only to the skin but on whole body. This is a fact that when you apply tanning lotion on your body, there is a reaction in epidermis layer of your skin and you get reddish-brown tone. Additionally, the tanning industry and salons runners are liars. They throw magic tricks on people by saying and promoting some myths about safety and protective effects of tanning. FTC another regulatory authority has stated recently that these tanning products are extremely dangerous. Moreover, there is an extensive misleading and deceptive advertisements in our media now, about these products. “So, people are taking interest in such harmful and artificial products. FDA must have to take strict actions against these industries”. FTC added

What to do now? – Confusion?

Now, you can observe a great hypocrisy in our media, our laws and our regulating authorities and even in the behavior of our government too. So, precisely, we can say, we are those creatures who can never get proper information about what to use and what to avoid. To clear so many confusions, there was conduction of different researches and seminars in those areas, where this tanning industry is extremely famous. This article is actually based on those facts and conclusion, which were discussed. You can consider this reading a sort of extract of many valuable conclusions. It was not possible to discuss each tanning product in such a precise reading, so we have developed this article especially in context of indoor tanning lotions.

Pros and cons of using indoor tanning lotions

  1. Keep your skin moisturized: Indoor tanning lotions are meant to moisturize your skin and give you soft and pleasant impact.
  2. Even and quick tan: These lotions can give your whole body, an even skin tone and give you a quick required tan
  3. Provides nutrients to your body: Indoor tanning lotions nourish your body and give you a healthier looking skin
  4. Tanning lotions are not FDA approved products
  5. Tanning lotion can cause skin cancer and are not safer to use
  6. Tanning lotion can cause an extreme danger to your mucous membrane.
  7. Never use these lotions without recommendations.

Myths – what’s true what hype is:

Myth#1: Tanning lotions are safe to use – Lie Myth#2: You will never have skin cancer by using these products – Lie Myth#3: Tanning will cause premature aging of skin – Truth Myth#4: Indoor tanning lotion is protective – I am safe from many UV- rays – Lie So, this was all from this informative piece of reading. You must always have at least some basic knowledge about the product, you are going to use. Buy standard products and enjoy a best life!

How to Make Your Own Indoor Tanning Lotion – Amazing Steps You Must Follow

Have you ever listened about the indoor tanning lotion? Do you know what tanning lotions do inside your skin? Have you ever experienced some tanning lotion especially the- indoor one? Have you ever thought why tanning industries are growing so well? These all questions are very necessary to answer. Usually we don’t know about the products we are using. This article has been developed to give you best knowledge about the best indoor tanning lotions. Moreover, you will be able to know how you can prepare your own indoor tanning lotion.

What is a tanning lotion?

You must have to keep this in your mind that tanning accelerators are not” FDA” approved. Indoor tanning lotion is one of the med-cosmetics products that accelerate the tanning process. Indoor tanning lotion increases the blood flow in your body and stimulates the melanin. These lotions have no sunscreen protection. In fact indoor tanning lotions are harmful for you. Your Own Indoor Tanning Lotion

What are the benefits of using indoor tanning lotions?

  • Indoor tanning lotions provide moisture
  • These lotion have bronze like effect
  • You can give your skin- a tan base, before having the cosmetics, with these lotions. It gives your make-up, a more professional look.
  • These lotion tend to keep your skin hydrated because of the water-proof coating over whole body

Indoor tanning lotion should never be used outdoor.  It doesn’t contain “SPF”. Moreover, indoor lotion reacts with UV rays of sun and cause a great damage to your skin.

How to make your own indoor lotion?

The indoor lotion manufacturers may use such ingredients and elements that might be very dangerous for your skin. You might have read on the label of your product “preservatives and artificial hormones like synthetic melanin”. What are these? Have you ever thought? These are actually a source of intense damage to your skin. So we have much better idea for your skin tanning. How would you feel, while having a cheap homemade tanning lotion that doesn’t have any side effects too? You can make your own tanning lotion, by the help of some easy recipes going to discuss next! You will surely find these steps easy and interesting as well.

Recipe 1! (Cocoa- lotion tanning mixture)

Step 1: Ingredients: cocoa powder and some lotion- cocoa powder is tanning agent while lotion acts as emollient and moisturizer Step 2: Take a cup of lotion. Add some oil (coconut oil or mustard oil) in it, if required. Beat it thoroughly, so it forms a smooth surface. Now add some cocoa powder in it. Continue adding powder until the color of mixture becomes darken. (Continuous stirring is required) Step 3: Now place this mixture in some cool place for 15 minutes. Apply the tanning lotion on your body. You will see amazing effects in such a cheap price. You must have to apply this mixture daily for excellent results.

Recipe 2! (Lanoline- tea tanning lotion)

Step 1: Ingredients: lanoline, coconut oil and tea black (or coffee beans) – coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer and tanning accelerator, lanolin; a great emollient while tea is the tanning agent Step 2: You just have to make a tea of cup first. Then add ½ cup of coconut oil, ½ cup of tea and ½ cup of lanoline in a blender and blend thoroughly. Now take the mixture out and apply on your skin gently. Leave for at least 2 hours. You will get exciting result of tanning without any side effects. How to Make Your Own Indoor Tanning Lotion

Some opinions by expertise about indoor tanning lotions:

  • You must know the nature and sensitivity of your skin before having any product on your body.
  • The tanning lotion must be absorbed properly into your skin to have best results.
  • Homemade tanning lotions are better than the marketed one. This is because of the fact that homemade tanning lotions have no side effects at all
  • If you get stains of tanning lotion on your dress, wash them at once. (Otherwise you may spoil your dress!)

It is recommended for you to have homemade tanning lotions. You will have amazing tanning results with least side effects! Stay healthy and enjoy your life!