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So, you have bought embroidery machine – that’s nice. Now – it’s a time to use it properly. Well – one thing! Did you observed the embroidery machine reviews before getting it? This is really important to read reviews and rating about your selected product – we are saying this on the basis of many reasons. Some of them are as follow!

  • Reviews about any product show the reputation of that product
  • Reviews are basis of rating about any product
  • Good rating means good reputation and services of a product. Bad reviews show that majority of customers are unsatisfied with the performance of the product

Embroidery Machines – Best Advice Best Information Well – this is not our area of interest in this article. We are here to guide you some basics about the embroidery machines. Though you may have studied about this topic – like guidelines to use embroidery machine or how to use the fresh embroidery machines – yet there is a lot of information still the beginners must be informed about! So – first you must think about how your embroidery machine looks like and what different parts it is consisted of! It is really important to know the name and specifications about each part of your embroidery machine

What you are going to do now – take a look!

  1. Relax and think
  2. Learning phase – know how!
  3. Work on your product
  4. Copy someone
  5. Make notes – step wise step

Generally speaking – you may be nervous for the very first time – well it is understandable! But in such nervousness you may produce the worst results – so, always follow the guide which is given with your product Learning is a continuous phase – the more you learn, the more you get. The secondary thing – practice makes a man perfect so, try- try again and produce the best one Precisely speaking – you will become familiar with your product with passage of time – make a schedule or time table for your working hours. You will enjoy your learning hours for sure It isn’t possible for every individual to produce the best in initial days. Try to copy someone – like take someone’s work and copy it by your own…this will help you surely! If possible try to take some classes from training centers or from some tutor! The most important thing – note down each and every step you do daily. Make complete notes and read them in free time. So, it’s your first time – try following things! If you are going to use your machine for the very first time – you may try following few things

Manage all things – what you need!

Before performing any task – manage the following things

Buy or prepare the above mentioned things and place them appropriately near to your working area. Single_Sequin_or_Double_Sequins_Computerized_Embroidery_Machine

Needle – work with suitable needle!

You have to choose a needle having following specifications

  • Appropriate size
  • Needle that isn’t going to damage your fabric
  • Round shank needle is used for commercial purposes and flat shaped for domestic use

Thread – appropriate and best

That thread must be used which has

  • Appropriate thickness – usually thinner than regular threads
  • The thread should have strength and must be durable
  • Stretchable
  • Rayon and polyester are two most famous threads being used at large scales – now days

Embroidery machine – setting up!

  • If the embroidery arm isn’t installed – remove the sewing section and install it as directed on instruction page
  • After installation – connect it with switch and turn on the power
  • If you have USB facility in addition – connect it computer
  • Select the design and start your work

Precisely speaking – you must have to learn properly about your product before using it. Buy best products and enjoy your working hours!

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